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Tiger Portfolio

One of the most impressive objectives of Wealth Management's experiential-based learning plan is the inception and active management of the first known student-operated investment portfolio on the high school level. With the guidance of several business advisors, we take actual positions on real securities to grow the financial assets of Tigers Inc. This provides our students with an exclusive and distinct experience in market analysis and investing.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 12.11.04 PM.png
Asset Management

This graphic illustrates our anticipated aggregation of all financial distributions within Tigers Inc. based on our IRS-1023 revenue and expense estimates for the current fiscal year. We believe a large principal amount is needed in order to establish a truly diverse portfolio. The portfolio will be built with a growth strategy and diversified through a variety of industries. In order to protect against volatile market conditions, we utilize dollar cost averaging on a monthly basis when staging money into the market. 

Appropriating Funds

Proper management of non-profit financials is very important for reasons of ethics, efficiency, and compliance. Portfolio operations will be overseen by a group of business advisors who will help allocate and manage the funds in our Tiger Portfolio. The cohort has also created multiple facets in which the organization can accept donations. Paired with the growth potential in the student portfolio, we have forged a strong plan to ensure the fiscal security of Tigers Inc.

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