Business Partners 

Tigers Inc Partners with numerous local business in order to gives students the opportunity to learn by experiences received from these partnerships and give businesses the benefit of having extra hands on staff to work on social media marketing and their physical as well as online presence. The businesses we work with are small and local meaning that the impact our members have on their staff and community is real and can be seen throughout the city and surrounding communities.     

Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes Boutique is a charming storefront in the city of Loveland. By offering stylish clothes, as well as housewarming items, this small business allows everyone to find something personalized to themselves. Tigers Inc has helped in promoting this local business by creating a Tik Tok page with the motive to attract a younger audience to their store. 

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RP Diamond


We first worked with RP Diamond back in the spring of 2020, they needed extra hands to help with their social media and for posting. We made them a posting schedule and held a t-shirt contest where people create and vote online to win a free t-shirt and gift card. This year we are continuing to post on their Instagram, twitter, Facebook and on their brand new Tik Tok account. We also plan to set up a pop-up shop at the high school and middle school in the future.

Loveland Women's Club


The Loveland Woman’s Club is an organization that aims to host social gatherings and events that provide its members with enriching and fun experiences. Originating in 1912, this social group has intended to help the community of Loveland by making Loveland an enjoyable place to live. Their main goal is to raise money, through their lineup of functions, to contribute to the awarding of scholarships to Loveland High School graduates. 

Revolve Nutrition

Revolve Nutrition is a protein shake and energizing tea shop.  Tigers.Inc helps Revolve with marketing by creating posts that appeal to younger demographics such as high school and college students.  Tigers Inc has incorporated Athlete of the week, tea review Tuesdays, and shake review Saturdays into the Revolve Instagram.  This partnership has been very beneficial for learning how to make posts to a specific demographic and we are very grateful for the opportunity.


Vibe Fitness

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Vibe fitness is a top-level gym focused on developing members into the best versions of themselves with state of the art equipment along with experienced and engaging trainers that members are able to access. The goal for the Tigers Inc. marketing team is to accentuate the key features of this business on social media to create interest in what Vibe Fitness has to offer. The team also strives to uphold the brand and image online so that owners of the business can have confidence that what people scroll upon on the social media accounts is what aligns with their mission statement and goals. This is a prevailing theme through all of the local organizations the marketing cohort partners with, as Tigers Inc.