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Business Partners 

Tigers Inc Partners with numerous local business in order to gives students the opportunity to learn by experiences received from these partnerships and give businesses the benefit of having extra hands on staff to work on social media marketing and their physical as well as online presence. The businesses we work with are small and local meaning that the impact our members have on their staff and community is real and can be seen throughout the city and surrounding communities.     

Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes Boutique is a charming storefront in the city of Loveland. By offering stylish clothes, as well as housewarming items, this small business allows everyone to find something personalized to themselves. Tigers Inc has helped in promoting this local business by creating a Tik Tok page with the motive to attract a younger audience to their store. 

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RP Diamond


We first worked with RP Diamond back in the spring of 2020, they needed extra hands to help with their social media and for posting. We started planning a pop-up shop last year and we were finally able to bring that into fruition this year at the LHS Showcase Night. This year we are continuing to post on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on their Tik Tok account.


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Recently, Loveland High school decided that it was time to revamp the walkway and entrance to the tiger football stadium with the needs and wants of the community in mind. Tigers Inc. partnered with a landscape architecture class at the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning program to redesign the entrance and walkway. Tigers Inc. students interviewed community members, students, staff, and parents for their input on the matter.  They reported their findings to UC DAAP students, who took the information and are working to create their design for the walkway and entrance. 

Vibe Fitness

Vibe fitness is a top-level gym focused on developing members into the best versions of themselves with state of the art equipment along with experienced and engaging trainers that members are able to access. The goal for the Tigers Inc. marketing team is to accentuate the key features of this business on social media to create interest in what Vibe Fitness has to offer. The team also strives to uphold the brand and image online so that owners of the business can have confidence that what people scroll upon on the social media accounts is what aligns with their mission statement and goals. This is a prevailing theme through all of the local organizations the marketing cohort partners with, as Tigers Inc.

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Cincinnati Reds


With the help of Mickey Mentzer, the Analytics Director of the Cincinnati Reds, we have developed two teams working directly with the Reds. The business side gathered ticketing information from the past 12 years to determine the conditions that increase/decrease ticket sales. The analytics side gathered data from the past 3-5 years on player's info, fielding statistics, positional data, and sprint speed. Right now, the two teams are developing solutions to improve all aspects of the Reds franchise. 

Loveland City Schools

The Loveland City School District was instrumental in the creation of Tigers Inc., so in return, we have focussed many of our internal projects on benefiting Loveland Schools. We are currently planning a student exploration day for 3rd and 4th graders at the elementary school. This event will expose students to all sorts of unique activities, classes, and skills that excite them. Additionally, our podcast, Budding Business, allows local community leaders to share their skills and stories with the city of Loveland. The podcast highlights the happenings of businesses and organizations local to the Loveland/Cincinnati area. 

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Life Food Pantry


Starting this year, we are officially partnering with the Loveland Life Food Pantry. In years past, we have worked with them on the 3's For Life fundraiser, where 12 canned goods will be donated to Life Food Pantry by one of our sponsors, Jarvis Global Investments, for every 3-pointer we make at our home basketball games. We are continuing with that this year, but we have also started running their social medias to boost their brand.

City of Loveland

This year, we are planning a student exploration day for the 3rd and 4th graders at Loveland Elementary School. This event will expose these students to unique opportunities, activities, and classes to look forward to as they progress through school. We will bring in LHS students to lead individual stations that demonstrate these activities and skills. 

Loveland Parks

Last year, we worked with Loveland Parks to develop a dog park within one of our local community parks, Kiwanis Park. Now, we are still working with Loveland Parks to add amenities, such as water fountains, shaded areas, and fences to divide different areas of the park. We are also developing a map of all of the parks in Loveland and information on each one, which will be set up in Nisbet Park.

Alley Boutique

Alley Boutique is a local clothing store in Loveland that specializes in women's fashion. So far, we have worked to boost their social media presence through Instagram and Facebook. We also planned a "Bond with Mom" shopping event at Alley Boutique in October.


Miami Township


With the help of Miami Township, we were able to send our members on our golf mentorship outing at O'bannon Creek Golf Club on October 5th, 2022. Since then, our podcast group has been working with Miami Township to showcase some of the businesses that work alongside Miami Township, starting with Holston's Baking Co., an authentic bakery located in Milford.  



Ellie and her team offer the opportunity for our students to gain practical experience in the real estate industry. With their guidance and support, students are able to develop their skills and grow their knowledge to become successful real estate professionals. 

Britteny Frietch Realty 


At BF real estate agency, they are committed to providing opportunities for growth and development in the industry. They offer internships & experiences  designed to give our students the marketing experience they need to excel in real estate. With hands-on training and valuable insights from experienced professionals, they gain the skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

Loveland Legacy Foundation


A non-profit organization, that realizes the importance of supporting other non-profits in their endeavors. They offer financial assistance as well as guidance to help organizations reach their full potential. They provide relief during times of crisis and growth opportunities.  

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