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Tigers Inc has numerous businesses and individuals who have greatly supported us through donations, advice, and services. Our sponsors continue to give the opportunity to pursue our mission of nontraditional higher leaning. Many of our sponsor are not only financial supporters but are also active in the company offering their experience on a myriad of topics.

Wells Fargo Financial Advisors

Wells Fargo Advisors provides both financial and mentorship support to the Tigers Inc. organization.  They have been a long time supporter and have been key to the continued growth of the organization. They have provided leadership and direction, with members holding board leadership positions within our non-profit business.

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Jarvis Global Investments, LLC

Jarvis has been a long-time supporter of Tigers Inc. since its inception, They have been a major financial donor as well as an exceptional advisor to our members. Jarvis Global continues to provide outstanding leadership opportunities for the students of Loveland High School. Jarvis Global was instrumental in establishing our student-run investment portfolio. One of the first high school-run portfolios in the nation.

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