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Centered around a shared interest in business and financial topics, this team is actively building and managing the first student-run investment portfolio in the country.  also manage many of the logistical facets of a non-profit, such as government filings, payment processing, tax law, and more. We see each one of our team's goals as experiential learning opportunities that enrich our professional wisdom.

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This program takes on local  and internal clients. We cater to our partners' needs and help them create an effective marketing plan and help them create a more successful brand. Our marketing team utilizes platforms such as Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe programs as well as the guidance of business professionals to create plans, material, and specific deliverables for our clients.

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Our student-led team is responsible for leading partners through the Stanford D School's Design Process Thinking. We work with students, businesses, and adults to develop an empathetic skillset by applying this curriculum. We firmly believe this new form of critical thinking will empower a more aware and effective culture of problem solving in the business world around us.