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Centered around a shared interest in business and financial topics, this team is actively building and managing the first student-run investment portfolio at the high school level in the country.  We also manage many of the logistical facets of a non-profit, such as government filings, payment processing, tax law, and more. In performing each of these responsibilities, we are able to develop real world skills in the Financial Industry.

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The marketing team partners with local businesses and nonprofits with the goal of growing their social media presence on many platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Businesses are benefited as students are given the freedom to support the brand in an online space, and students are benefited from learning about classical methods of business management as well as forming new connections in the community.

Community Outreach 

This cohort focuses on community involvement and collaboration with local organizations and government. They lead events, fundraisers, and projects that strive to better the community and allow our members to gain experience in a variety of fields. This is the Team behind our City Council collaborations and the inner workings of Tigers Inc. in our community. We’re always looking for new partnerships and opportunities!

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