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Tigers Inc. is a nonprofit organization run by a selective group of business-oriented student leaders. We are redefining the classroom setting by giving students non-traditional exposure to the business world. Currently, we are divided into three cohorts that collectively work to learn by experience, from experience. As we develop, we strive to collaborate with the community to find tangible solutions to complex problems. We seek to partner with professionals who can help us expand our network, enhance our skills, and provide business expertise.


Learn by experience, from experience.

Our mission is to create an organization that equips students at Loveland High School with business and leadership skills that advance them beyond traditional high school knowledge. We aim to enhance the educational experience through project-based learning. We selectively recruit students from a variety of backgrounds to explore and develop their future major and career interests. We intend to inspire younger students in the Loveland district and mentor them on areas of business interest. Additionally, we run a non-profit organization and function as a true business, giving high school students the chance to apply their developing skills. Tigers Inc. is student-led, operating both in the classroom and in the community. This permits us to learn by experience, from experience.

Tigers Inc Timeline 

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